Missing teeth create functional and aesthetic problems for the patient. With the conventional technique, implants take 3 to 4 months for osseointegration. With the immediate loading technique you can get fixed teeth within 72 hrs as compared to conventional implants. You can start eating with your new teeth in just 3 days.
If you need few teeth or all teeth to be extracted, these can be removed and implants can be put on the same day..There is no need to wait.

Thanks to new technique of cortical dental implants (BASAL IMPLANTS) which are functional, in just 72 hours or 3 days.

Advanced Dentistry in vileparle
Advantages :
  • There is only one surgical procedure for the patient.
  • Multiple procedures like sinus lift,bone grafting,bone augmentation etc are totally bypassed
  • Cost is decreased
  • They can be placed in the extraction sockets immediately
  • Avoids temporary dentures or the “missing teeth” look

Consult our experts at AK DENTAL CLINIC today to have your beautiful smile in 72 hours.

Dr. Aditi & Dr. Kushal have been trained and practicing Dental Implant since 10 years and have successfully done many full mouth cases with this system. We at AK DENTAL CLINIC give our patient a reason to smile again in just 72 hours from no teeth to fixed teeth.